Empowered Youth was developed by Greg LeFever, a southern California native with over twenty years of fitness, wellness education, and consultation and development experience. Over the years of working with adults, families, and youth groups, I saw the need to develop a program which focused on the teenage kids. These are the kids who will make the changes within their spheres of influence and beyond. These are the kids that we see that are being diagnosed with adult diseases at early ages and have sports injuries that were very unlikely ten years ago at their age. These are the kids that will impact society now and as they grow.

With many changes in education in schools, and the increasing stresses placed on our kids by society, there is a great need for a program which addresses the wellness of the “whole person”. We wanted this to be something that anyone we work with will be able to take into their life to make immediate change or at the very least make educated decisions based on the information they now possess from the program.

Success of Empowered Youth

The success of Empowered Youth comes from the passion of all who work with us to make it a high quality experience for participants. We have found that the kids learn from our interactive discussions by asking personal questions as to how a topic relates to their life and they take it home and share with their parents and siblings. This is how we and they are affecting a positive change in our communities.

Empowered Youth Philosophy

Our goal is for all children in this nation and globally to obtain a quality education regarding health and wellness. We seek to provide a bridge in the gap between basic diet and exercise education and true life skills and tools which can be utilized for improving health of the entire person.

We believe that the youth of our communities are the catalyst for change in an educational system that is lacking in essential knowledge to stop and reverse the negative health trends in the children of our society.

We instill leadership values, confidence, and a holistic skill set to empower the kids that we have the opportunity to teach and mentor. Our youth leaders are encouraged to share the positive impact of our program and the changes they have made in their lives with other friends, family, and social groups. These leaders share openly with personal passion, enthusiasm and a willingness to help other people in their lives.

We value the diversity of each individual, group, family, and culture that we work with. To effect change, it is necessary to acknowledge and embrace these differences with respect and openness, kindness and compassion, with a desire to educate all of our youth with equality.

It is with these characteristics that Empowered Youth will operate and persist with the intention of making a difference for and with the youth of our communities and nations.

– Greg LeFever